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Online booking available - Canadian Clinic - Doctors Available Mon to Sat

Located in Cap Cana - Covid Testing Available - State of the art facilities

Following services are now available at the clinic:

  • General Medicine for any day to day health issues

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy

  • Male Sexual Dysfunction

  • Pain Management

  • Primary Care

  • Weight Loss

Dr. René Custals

Dr. René Custals, graduated as a doctor from the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University with the aim of changing the world of healing. Early in his career, he noticed that medicine had lost its objectivity and was being influenced by a mentality of doctors who believed themselves to be gods who gave quick solutions to patients who kept coming back again and again to their practice. So, the patients were not cared for, the symptoms were. At that point he began to find alternative ways to heal, such as exercise, nutrition, supplements, and any other therapy that he thought could reap benefits. At the same time, he knew that drugs had their place in treating a patient, one just had to find an effective and safe way to use them. He proceeded to follow the path of Integrative Health, where the focus was not only on the symptoms, but also on the patient as a whole.


Dr. René has become an experienced integrative health practitioner. He approaches the disease in a holistic way, treating all aspects of health, seeking the optimal well-being of the patient. He is certified in Hormone Replacement Therapy, IV Nutrition Therapy, Sexual Dysfunction, Pain Management, Clinical Management of Weight Loss, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and other areas of optimizing health.


His motto: "Learn, teach and help the community to prosper"

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